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About NTS Goldfields Ltd

NTS Goldfields Ltd’s (NTSG) focus is to secure native title recognition for people in the Goldfields region.  NTSG was founded on 9 August 2019, and became the native title service provider for the Goldfields region on 27 November 2019, with the signing of a funding agreement with the National Indigenous Australians Agency. NTSG provides facilitation and assistance functions to Aboriginal people in the Goldfields region under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). Information on how to access these services, and what to do if you are unhappy with any decisions that we make, is found on this website under Community Resources.

The NTSG Board has five (5) Directors, two (2) of whom are traditional owners from the region: Mr Terry Grose – Chair; Ms Sharon Reynolds; Mr Kado Muir; Dr Carolyn Tan; and the Hon. Fred Chaney AO. The Board meets regularly and provides the governance and strategic direction for the staff of NTSG.

NTSG has two offices, one at 159-161 Dugan Street, Kalgoorlie and one at 2 Brook Street, East Perth. Both are currently closed to visitors due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, however all of our staff are still working. Now that we are able to restart face to face meetings to progress matters to resolution, we will do so, but we need to keep in mind the rules around social distancing and the number of people that we are able to meet with. Until restrictions are eased, we will continue with our work and keep things moving as best we can in the current circumstances.